About Me

My name is Tommy Cahill and I am a Sound Recording Technology major '13. This blog was made for the students of the Umass Lowell SRT program as well as any other students who have an interest in the recording spaces at UML. This project came together with the help of a lot of great people.

I'd like to thank:
- Prof. Alex Case for agreeing to be my thesis advisor for this project. His time knowledge and encouragement have helped make this project a realization.
-Patrick Meany and Wes Moore (SRT '13) and Grace Reader (SRT '14) for assisting on the measurement and recording sessions (even the ones that didn't work out.) Thanks a lot guys for your dedication and willingness to see this project to its completion.
-Corbin for providing me with the speakers and amplifiers necessary to complete this thesis.
-Prof Carman, Paul Angelli and Jeremy for their help troubleshooting the Win/MLS software.
- Dawn Martinkus for helping me start this blog. You're awesome! :)
-My folks for sending me to school!

Hope you enjoy the blog!

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